Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Bless me father, for I have sinned..."

"'s been forever since my last confession." I'm not Catholic

We all have them but we rarely confess them to others, but today I want to share with the world you 
my top five guilty pleasures.

I'm sure you all know what a guilty pleasure actually is, but for arguments sake, I'll define it for you:
a guilty pleasure is 'something you enjoy, but feel guilt for enjoying'

The guilt usually comes from feeling that these 'pleasures' are lowbrow or embarrassing. Guilty pleasures
are usually associated with crappy forms of entertainment, unhealthy foods or socially unacceptable habits, and, not one to break the mould, my five fall into all these categories. 

I just hope you don't think any less of me after these confessions...

1. Taylor Swift - as I said in this post, I cannot stop listening to her music. She writes such catching pop
tunes and, as much as I want to dislike her and her holier-than-thou ways, I simply cannot hate her music.

2. TV shows - so you may already know that I watch a lot of TV, but my two TV guilty pleasures are Glee
and Teen Wolf. I know, I know, I can't help it. I started watching Glee for Darren Criss (he's sexy) and 
now I cannot stop! Those catchy show tunes and the debatable humour have sucked me in! As for Teen Wolf, I always said I wouldn't watch it, but I gave in and watched it with Hubby and we were hooked, so hooked that we watched season 2 in two days (7 episodes on a Friday night and the remaining 5 the following night)!

3. Wearing pyjamas all day - I'm sure I'm not alone in this; why are PJs so much more comfortable than
regular clothes and why is it so socially unexceptionable to wear PJs instead of regular clothes out in public??

4. Singing loudly and badly to the radio - whether I'm cooking in the kitchen, driving in the car or washing my hair in the shower, I'm a sucker for a great song (see guilty pleasure numbero uno), especially one I can sing my heart out to! But, just so we're clear, you'll never EVER get me to do karaoke! #tonedeaf

5. Checking social media on the loo - again, I'm pretty sure I am not the only person who uses their 
loo time as the perfect chance to check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest, especially now that
all our favourite social media sites have their own smartphone apps.

Phew, I feel much better now I have got that off my chest!

Just for fun, I asked Hubby what his top three guilty pleasures were, and, after a lot of debating
and unhelpful prompting from me (which included me suggesting 'wearing my wife's underwear when
she's not at home' and 'walking around the house naked' FYI: he doesn't do either of these things),
he finally gave me these gems...

1. Dancing along to the radio whilst driving - or in the case of this anecdote, whilst stationary at traffic lights. Hubby was spotted by a colleague grooving away at the steering wheel to Dolly Parton's Nine-to-Five (#tuneeee) and Journey's Don't Stop Believing when driving into work the other morning!

2. Reading Dear Deidre - for those of you who are currently frowning, click here

3. Watching docu-reality TV programmes - including, but not at all limited to, Road Cops, Nothing To Declare and Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers. For the record, I HATE these type of programmes!

Now it's your turn; go on, confess your guilty pleasures...
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