Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Birthday fun

Happy Hump Day everyone!

How miserable was the weather at the start of this week? Luckily the sun hasn't abandoned us for good
but I was starting to worry that the worse of autumn was well and truly here!

However, thanks to the clocks going back on Sunday, the dark evenings are here to stay :(

Today, I thought I'd bring some cheer into your lives by sharing with you how I spent
and celebrated my 29th birthday, which was this past Saturday!

The birthday fun began on Friday at work, when my colleagues friends gave me a card
and we ate the cakes I'd made the night before #nomnom

Then, via Twitter, I discovered that my darling buddy Sarah had made me and Mandeep
(whose birthday is October 18th) a Supernatural themed cake! To say I was well impressed
is an understatement - what a lovely thing for her to do for us :)
I think my friends know how much I love Supernatural :)

Then, after work, Mandeep & I met up with Sarah and had some food, a few drinks and a lot of gossip...

Saturday morning began in the best way... presents

Followed by a quick but delicious breakfast.

After a visit from my Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and Leighton (which included more presents 
and a chip-supper/lunch), Hubby and I headed out to do a spot of shopping. 

Sod's law though, because I had money to spend and wanted needed something new 
to wear that evening, I couldn't find anything I liked! Hubby got a new top though :)

Now here's where I confess to being a bad blogger - we went out for a meal with friends on Saturday 
night and I only took one photo (sorry). I was obviously having too much fun to think about taking photos -
I'm clearly getting forgetful in my old age! Suffice to say, a great time was had by all. We ate some great
food (as much as we wanted too - thank you all you can eat restaurant), drank a little too much and 
talked until there was little left to say - it was the very best kind of night! 

The fun didn't stop there though. On Sunday, I spent a lazy morning watching a classic...
Award yourself 10 points if you can guess the film :)

Then we headed over to my parents house, where we were treated to a delicious roast dinner...

Followed by a slice of birthday cake (after the obligatory singing of Happy Birthday)

Then, to work off just some of the food I'd consumed over the last two days, I went for a walk with
my mum and Izzy, around the fields near their house, but it was dark by the time we left the fields - 
thank you Daylight Savings!

All in all, I had a great weekend and a fantastic birthday.
I just hope 29 is as good to me as 28 and that 30 doesn't creep up on me too quickly!
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