Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick or treat?

Are you all ready for fright night?

Hubby and I have our pumpkins carved and the scary Halloween movies lined up
ready for a cosy night in!

Happy Halloween :)
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Come back tomorrow to see how we spent All Hallows Eve

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Someday I Will...

Bonus post for you today guys because I'm joining Taylor's (first ever) link up
to share with you all the things I will get around to doing, one day...

The Daily Tay
  • Someday I will know which direction is left and which is right without first taking five seconds or so to think about it.
  • Someday I will own a house with a country-style kitchen diner.
  • Someday I will learn how to do a smoky eye without looking like a) I got punched, b) a five-year-old who snuck into mummy's make-up.
  • Someday I will check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/my blog views just once a day - hahaha!
  • Someday I will feel confident in a bikini.
  • Someday I will take the 1500+ photos off my iPhone and put them onto my computer.
  • Someday I will make a monthly budget a stick to it - damn you delicious but expensive food/clothes/handbags!
  • Someday I will enjoy working out.
  • Someday I will tick off all the things on my Bucket List - and obviously win the Lotto first!
  • Someday I will stop saying 'someday'.

What will you do someday?
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Birthday fun

Happy Hump Day everyone!

How miserable was the weather at the start of this week? Luckily the sun hasn't abandoned us for good
but I was starting to worry that the worse of autumn was well and truly here!

However, thanks to the clocks going back on Sunday, the dark evenings are here to stay :(

Today, I thought I'd bring some cheer into your lives by sharing with you how I spent
and celebrated my 29th birthday, which was this past Saturday!

The birthday fun began on Friday at work, when my colleagues friends gave me a card
and we ate the cakes I'd made the night before #nomnom

Then, via Twitter, I discovered that my darling buddy Sarah had made me and Mandeep
(whose birthday is October 18th) a Supernatural themed cake! To say I was well impressed
is an understatement - what a lovely thing for her to do for us :)
I think my friends know how much I love Supernatural :)

Then, after work, Mandeep & I met up with Sarah and had some food, a few drinks and a lot of gossip...

Saturday morning began in the best way... presents

Followed by a quick but delicious breakfast.

After a visit from my Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and Leighton (which included more presents 
and a chip-supper/lunch), Hubby and I headed out to do a spot of shopping. 

Sod's law though, because I had money to spend and wanted needed something new 
to wear that evening, I couldn't find anything I liked! Hubby got a new top though :)

Now here's where I confess to being a bad blogger - we went out for a meal with friends on Saturday 
night and I only took one photo (sorry). I was obviously having too much fun to think about taking photos -
I'm clearly getting forgetful in my old age! Suffice to say, a great time was had by all. We ate some great
food (as much as we wanted too - thank you all you can eat restaurant), drank a little too much and 
talked until there was little left to say - it was the very best kind of night! 

The fun didn't stop there though. On Sunday, I spent a lazy morning watching a classic...
Award yourself 10 points if you can guess the film :)

Then we headed over to my parents house, where we were treated to a delicious roast dinner...

Followed by a slice of birthday cake (after the obligatory singing of Happy Birthday)

Then, to work off just some of the food I'd consumed over the last two days, I went for a walk with
my mum and Izzy, around the fields near their house, but it was dark by the time we left the fields - 
thank you Daylight Savings!

All in all, I had a great weekend and a fantastic birthday.
I just hope 29 is as good to me as 28 and that 30 doesn't creep up on me too quickly!
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Monday, 28 October 2013

10 things I learned this year

So, I recently celebrated another birthday - I hear they're good for your health; the more you have, 
the longer you live! Anyway, I'm now 29 - I'm approaching the big 3-0 - the scary time when 
you're expected to be an adult!

When I was younger (say 13/14-years-old), I always assumed that by the time I was 30 I would have at least one ankle biter and would be where I wanted to be career-wise - ah, the misguided thoughts of a teenager! Although I am happily married, own my own home and have a steady nine-to-five, I wouldn't say a) I'm where 
I want to be career-wise (thanks Global Recession and subsequent struggling economy!) or b) I'm ready for a child - god no (although, I am closer to being ready than I was two years ago, so, you know, progress and all that)! Life  really doesn't turn out like you though it would. 

Anyway, seeing as I'm all wise and that thanks to being a year older,
I thought I'd share with you ten things I feel I've learned over the past 12 months...
  1. Reading makes me a better writer, speller, grammaticist (is this even a word?) and general conversationalist. I've worked hard to make time to read this year and I need to continue to do so.
  2. Being perfect isn't a thing. Other peoples' blogs lives may seem perfect to me, but they're not. These perfect people have their flaws and their problems, just as I do.
  3. Flossing isn't just something dentists tell you for kicks - they actually want you to do it and it's vital that you do. I had my first filling this year and it's an experience I want to avoid again, at any cost.
  4. It's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy. The older I get, the more I realise being healthy isn't a given; it's something you have to work at!
  5. It's your life, so move at your own pace. Just because your friends are getting married/having babies/travelling the world (delete as appropriate) doesn't mean that's what you should be doing. Do what makes YOU happy, no matter how boring/strange/geeky other people think it is.
  6. Your creativity pool does not come with an endless supply of awesome ideas - in order to stay inspired you need to put back every now and again, whether that's reading a book, browsing blogs or just being still and admiring nature in all its beauty.
  7. Apply night cream - it makes a huge difference to your skin.
  8. People will criticise you no matter what you do, so be true to yourself and live the life YOU want to live.
  9. Do not pick off your nail polish; it will wreck your nails.
  10. Family doesn't end with blood, but it really is EVERYTHING.
Here's to another great year, the last of my 20s!
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Friday, 25 October 2013

My birthday wishlist

Yay, it's finally Friday! What a week it has been.

It's my birthday tomorrow (my last in the 20s),
so, just because I can, here's what I'm hoping for:

1. Absolutely any of these
because I am obsessed!

2. Fringe: The Complete Series
because any show that can make you cry like this one 
can, deserves to be watched over and over.

3. A relaxing day with Hubby,
followed by a delicious meal and a few drinks with good company.

4. Any of these three bracelets from Etsy
because what woman doesn't love jewellery on her birthday.

5. A Nikon D3100 camera
because I really, REALLY want a good camera.

6. A gorgeous Michael Kors gold watch
I can dream.

If none of these are in your price range,
a little love in the form of a comment on this post will do :)

Have a great weekend everyone; I'm sure I will!
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I'm taking control & making changes...

I'm sure I read somewhere that making resolutions to change aspects of your life that you're unhappy with are more successful if they're made in the autumn or around your birthday; well, I'm pretty lucky because my birthday is in the autumn (in three days time, in fact)


So, with the next 12 months being my 29th year, I've decided on a couple of things I want 
to achieve before my next birthday, the big 3-0 (when I am officially old, joke)!

Firstly, I want to get fit. Not marathon fit, like some of my crazy Facebook friends seem to be (you'll never catch me running a half marathon let alone a full one), but healthy fit. I realise the older I get the easier it'll be to just get fat and lazy, so I need to get into the exercise/healthy eating habit now. In fact, that's the one thing I would go back and tell 18-year-old Laura:"put down the doughnut and get your lazy arse to the gym!"

I wouldn't say I have a bad diet, but I know there are areas in which I can improve. However, as this is a change towards a better lifestyle rather than a fad diet (been there, done that) I'm not planning on depriving myself of anything (tell me I can't eat it and it's all I can think about, even if I haven't eaten said food for six months), but I hope to continue to cut out more of the processed foods that are part of my diet. 

I am planning to change up my exercise/workouts though. I joined Hubby's gym earlier this month and am aiming to get into the habit of going with him every Saturday, on top of my usual two home workouts. I'm actually not one of these girls who focuses on the number of the scales - I'm more interested in how my clothes fit, and I have to confess, I have noticed of late that they're starting to feel a little tight. With the pig-out festive season just nine weeks away, I don't want to get bigger and bigger. So I'm taking action now, 
so I can pig-out at Christmas and start all over again come January :)

Secondly, I want to accomplish something everyday, such as writing a blog post, starting a craft or reading another chapter of my book. What is it about the dark evenings that stop us doing things when we get home from work?! For the last week or two, on arriving home from work, I've got changed into my joggers, made my dinner and just vegged out in front of the TV - productive I am not! 

So, from this week I have promised myself that I will do one thing after work each day - I'm hoping this will mean I read more of the books I wanna read, watch more of the movies I wanna see and write more blog posts to entertain you lovely readers.

Wish me luck!

Happy Hump Day!
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Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekend recap

Happy wet Monday everyone :)

How was your weekend? I had a chilled one in preparation for all the birthday 
fun that I'm sure will take place next weekend.

My weekend started on Friday, when my gurl Mandeep bought birthday brownies in
to the office to celebrate being another year older and wiser.
A Friday night alone means pizza and a DVD.
I didn't move from the sofa on Saturday - this is my view of Gillette Soccer Saturday.
Saturday evening we had a crazy storm - lightening but no thunder - and the light outside gave
the whole house a strange pinky tint. I love how the light made this tree look though.
How gorgeous was our autumnal Sunday afternoon stroll?

Finally, Sunday evening was spent watching Hubby help Leighton do a Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle. 

What did you get up to this weekend?
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Friday, 18 October 2013

A Mexican treat

I know I have already shared with you my recipe for this month, but this three-step, seven-ingredient 
recipe for Classic Guacamole is so easy I couldn't not share it with you. It makes a great addition to 
fajitas or nachos (especially with home-made salsa #nomnom).
Ingredients: 2 avocados, half an onion (chopped), half a lime, 1 garlic clove (crushed),
1/4 tsp of cumin, half a green chilli (not pictured, because I forgot)
and 1 tsp of chopped, fresh coriander. 
1. De-stone the avocados and scoop the insides into a non-metallic bowl.
Squeeze in the lime, then mash with a fork.
2. Add the onion, garlic, chilli, cumin and coriander to the bowl and mix thoroughly.
3. Serve immediately. 
This is so easy to make and tastes so delicious, and, because it is home-made, 
you can make it as spicy as you like by adding more chilli.

Happy Friday :)
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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Life lately

(Otherwise known as iPhone dump or shameless Instagram plug.)

I painted my pinky pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

Autumn finally arrived :)

The dark evenings mean I can light my candles and turn on my fairy lights again!

I joined the gym...

...and I bought our first pumpkin of 2013

What have you been up to lately?
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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Currently, I am...

Loving: the arrival of autumn. The temperatures have been unseasonably warm of late, but I woke up on Thursday morning and it was COLD - bbrrrrr! As much as I hate being cold, I love the feel of cold in the air, of wearing scarves and of drinking hot chocolate to warm yourself up from the inside! I'm so glad autumn is here, I'm just hoping we don't jump too quickly into winter!

I'm also loving this cute jumper, which I got on sale for just £9!

Not Loving: this sore throat that has been sticking around for the past week now :(

Reading: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling - I'm sure you all know the plot to this story (if not, go educate yourselves now!) so I won't bore you with the details. I'm aiming to get this book finished before my birthday because my awesome little brother is getting me this and I can't wait to read it!

Watching: SUPERNATURAL - it's back baby!! Arrow has also returned from summer hiatus this week, so I'm happy that my favourite TV shows are back.

Listening to:  Anything that will get Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus outta my head - that song is everywhere!

Looking forward to: My birthday, of course even if it does mean turning 29, just 12 months to go until the big 3-0!!

Happy Saturday, everyone :)
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