Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A weekend away...

This past weekend, Hubby and I packed our bags, loaded up the car and headed north to
Northumberland to spend the weekend with my parents, who are there on a two-week holiday.

It was a fantastic weekend away, spent walking amongst some breathtaking scenery,
eating like our lives depended on it and spending some quality time together, even if certain
people did get on my nerves, but luckily not my last nerve.

I'm shocked at how few photos I actually took (for example, we ate like kings
but I only managed one breakfast photo all weekend - sorry), but I thought I'd
share a selection of photos from the weekend with you...

We stayed here, at this gorgeous little cottage in Beadnell.
How gorgeous is this fireplace - I want one like this in my next home!

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, my mum and I headed for a walk along the beach,
whilst Hubby and my dad stayed at the cottage to chill out, and probably talk football.
I borrowed my dad's camera (a digital SLR) for that outing so I only have this
panoramic I took on my iPhone to share with you...
It was a lovely sandy beach that allowed Izzy to run around,
whilst mum and I caught up on our lives over the past week.

Saturday morning breakfast #nomnom 
(For the foodies out there that might be interested, we had delicious fajitas on Friday night,
proper fish 'n' chips on Saturday night and a cheap but cheerful Greggs at lunchtime
on Sunday. Sorry for the lack of photos of these tasty treats.)

On Saturday, we headed west to Hadrian's Wall to walk in the footsteps of Romans...

We made a few new friends along the way...

On the way back to our cottage on Saturday night, we stopped to take a look at Alnwick Castle
(any Potterheads out there will know it as the location for the first 'flying lesson' in HP1), 
but the sun was so low and directly behind the castle that I couldn't get a decent shot. 
Luckily, my dad has promised to try and get me a good one before they come home!

Sunday morning, we packed up our things and headed to Berwick-upon-Tweed
the place Hubby spent many summers as a child (his Aunt lives nearby). It was a wet 
and windy day but we made the most of it and explored as best we could...

It's a shame dogs can't read...
Izzy fell approx. 15ft down the Ramparts. She'd got hold of a scent and followed it down the hill, 
without realising that it was a sheer drop. She was rescued by Hubby after a few minutes of 
whimpering and trying to get back up the 'hill'. Bless her. She seems ok though, no injuries!

Our final stop was to the Berwick Rangers FC 'stadium' (I use the term loosely because it
holds about 1250), where Hubby began reminiscing about his childhood and the many games
he'd seen The Boarderers play there over the years.
Look how happy he is!

The weather on our journey home, which took a mammoth four-and-a-half-hours,
wasn't as bad as we'd expected (do the weathermen ever get it right?), but I was more
than ready to get out of the car and into my bed by the time we got home!

That's all for now - I hope the week is good to you!
Roll on Friday!
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  1. Those are awesome pictures, glad you had a good time!

    1. Thanks, Fida. I took most of the photos with my little point-and-shoot digital camera but I'm hoping to upgrade to a fancy digital SLR before the year is out :)