Wednesday, 21 August 2013

MY choice not to eat meat

This photo has nothing to do with the post that follows, but, for the record,
this gorgeous man has never once questioned my life choices (whether it's
my choice not to eat meat or my choice not to drink on a night out)
and, for that, and so much more, I love him!

As some of you may have read in this post, I don't eat meat. Technically I'm a pescetarian, 
but it's much easier for me to tell people I am vegetarian.

It is a choice I made as a pre-teenager, but something that has become a way of life,
a habit if you will.

So it really fucking annoys me when people question my choices.

Not too long ago, I had what can only be described as a mind-boggling encounter with an Uncle 
(on Hubby's side) at a family gathering. To give you a bit of background, there was buffet food available 
(I was very well catered for, I might add) and I was having a lovely, respectful conversation with a few family
members about my choice and how things have changed socially (in regards to restaurants and people's 
opinions) since I stopped eating meat in May 1996.

The encounter I'm referring to went a little something like this:

Nice Uncle: So how long have you been a vegetarian?

Me: 17 years; I was 11 when I stopped eating meat.

Stupid Uncle: Laura, can I ask, what would you do if you needed a blood transfusion?

Me: *obviously confused* Urm, I'd take it [it would most likely be life or death].

Sister-in-law: That's Jehovah's Witnesses that don't take blood, not vegetarians!

Stupid Uncle: But it's the same thing?!

Me: How is it? The blood [used in transfusions] is willing donated from humans.

Channelling my inner Ren [x]

Understandably, my blood was boiling so I don't remember what was said next but I'm pretty
sure Sister-in-law or Nice Uncle diverted the subject towards something a little more friendly.

Seriously, I'm 28-years-old (almost 29). When am I going to have to stop explaining MY life choices
to other people?! You don't ask why an aunty is wearing a bad jumper, nor do you ask why your
cousin decided to get their hair cut really short (and now looks a bit like a boy), so why ask me why
I chose to be a vegetarian pescetarian?

As I said, I have been a non-meat eater since the age of 11, which means I haven't eaten meat for
longer than I did eat meat - how is it so difficult for some narrow-minded people to get their head
around that? Choosing a meat-free option at a restaurant or cooking with Quorn is a normal way of life
for me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that my digestion would be called into serious question if I did try and
eat meat after such a long time.

(side story: I heard from a friend that her friend had decided to eat meat after 10 years of 
vegetarianism and was advised by her doctor to just eat ONE rasher of bacon A DAY 
to let her stomach/digestion get used to it again!)

You'd think that, with the year being 2013 and all, we'd stop questioning how other people choose to live THEIR lives, especially when it has nothing to do with us.

Rant over
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  1. Love your rant! Some people are so ignorant. I can really relate to this, as people really struggle with the idea that Dan is a veggie. And then they go on about well what's with eating Quorn, you should just eat vegetables if you're a vegetarian, why would you want to eat pretend meat. Jeez, why does it even matter to you??!

    Rant over! :)

    1. If only every was as smart as what we is, eh Sarah, lol. At least you and Daniel-son share my pain! If only we could educate the ignorant people of the world! xx

  2. at least it gave you a good story ;)