Friday, 23 August 2013

An overdue tidy up

I'm not sure if you know but Hubby and I live in a three-bedroomed house, yes there are just two of us
but we seem to have amassed a huge collection of stuff, hence the need for three bedrooms.

The front bedroom is our bedroom - you've seen that here - the small bedroom is the study/office,
which doesn't get used much now that we have a laptop and are no longer limited to a desktop pc and
finally we have what I like to call the guest bedroom, although, it is more of a dumping ground - it's also
the one room we've yet to properly decorate to our own tastes since moving in almost six years ago.

*I am a little ashamed at just how bad the room is in these photos*

So, this past weekend, we decided it was past time to have a good clear out and actually find homes for
all the stuff that's been dumped in this room. We agreed before we began that anything that we couldn't
find a home for would find itself either boxed up in the loft or taken to the tip! After four hours of tidying
and sorting, we ended up putting a bunch of stuff in the loft and taking two bags of crap to the tip. We
even had three bags to donate to our local charity shop.

A panoramic photo - just because I can with my iPhone - taken from the window.

I'm thrilled with how the room turned out and how tidy it is now - I just hope we can keep it this tidy!
We didn't do anything other than tidy up and put stuff away; there was no decorating done and I only purchased a new purple candle (£1.50 from Primark), the owl accessory holder (£2.50 from Primark)
and the picture above the bed (which is actually a sheet of wrapping paper from Clinton's Cards).

What do you think?
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PS - have a great (Bank Holiday) weekend :)


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    1. Thanks Fida, I tried to channel my inner photographer :)