Friday, 16 August 2013

A photography plea...

I've done a lot of cool stuff lately.

A lot of cool stuff that I've enjoyed.

A lot of cool that I've also photographed.
I've photographed these experiences a) for prosperity and b) to share with you. I've seen many
other people also taking photographs whilst enjoying their own experiences. 

However, there have been too many occasions when I have spotted overly enthusiastic
budding photographers taking photos of EVERY SINGLE THING!

For example, a mum of three at Harry Potter World who took photos of the queue.
Yes the queue to get in! Why would you want photos of a bunch of people you don't know?!

How can they possibly enjoy and truly experience where they are/what they're doing if they're
experiencing every moment through the lens of their camera/iPhone?

I just don't get it. I understand wanting to capture every moment of your fun, but can you truly be
having as much fun as possible if you're experiencing life through the lens of your camera?

So, for the love of god, please, all you professional and amateur photographers out there, please, every
now and again, put down the camera and look at life with your eyes - you may find you have more fun!
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