Monday, 29 July 2013

Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, we meet again.

I'm not too sure why I've decided to use this past weekend as my first 'weekend recap' post 
because it was actually a really chilled out weekend - I didn't do a great deal. 

I've got a few busy weekends planned over the next month and I have a number of projects on the go 
to jazz up a few rooms in our home - which I will share with you - but this weekend was pretty quiet.

Anyway, here we go...
Friday night, I fell asleep watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Saturday morning, I waved Hubby off - he's gone away with his Scout group to Lincoln.
Saturday night, I celebrated a friend's 30th birthday with fancy dress.
Sunday afternoon, I went for a relaxing stroll with my mum and Izzy. I love seeing the summer turn
into autumn and things are beginning now that the corn is changing colour.

That's it; I said it was pretty quiet.
How was your weekend?
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