Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My week in photos

Sunday 23rd to Sunday 30th June
Izzy's been running away lately, so mum bought a long lead and has been trying to recall-train 
her (again).
I had a crazy busy week at work; loads to do and only four and a half days to do it in :(
I spent Wednesday night making some bags from old t-shirts; they went pretty well considering I've
not used a sewing machine for about 12 years :)
To get us in the holiday mood at Friday lunchtime, we headed to the new Coast to Coast restaurant
that's opened up around the corner from the office - it was delicious :)
I treated myself to two more Essie nail polishes on Saturday - Merino Cool & Mint Candy Apple :)
Aged 28 years and 8 months, I finally found my first four leafed clover :)
I'm off to London today to do the touristy thing, before heading to Harry Potter World tomorrow.
Have a great week!

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