Saturday, 13 July 2013

Harry Potter World

I have a confession to make: Hubby and I were a bit late to the whole Harry Potter Phenomena - we only watched all eight movies, from start to finish, last Christmas (yes, in 2012, a whole 15 years after the first book was released!). We might be late to the party, but we're here now, with bells on :)

We decided it was time to experience the world of magic and wizardry for ourselves despite being Muggles. Our Harry Potter-themed adventure started at Kings Cross Station in London (obvs.) for this cheesy photo opportunity...
However, the bulk of the not-for-Muggles fun took place the following day in Watford at Harry Potter World Warner Bros. Studios Tour, where I took so many photos I've had to split the fun into two posts...
Yes, my hands are about as large as Ron Weasley's Rupert Grint's.
The iconic and breathtaking Great Hall
The Four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Just some of the outfits worn by the actors who brought the world of Harry Potter to life on film
Quidditch costumes
Boooooooooo! Lord Voldemort & the Deatheaters
Dumbledore's office
The mysterious Potion’s classroom
Hagrid's Hut
The boys' dorm
The Gryffindor common room
Statue of Muggles 'in their rightful place' at The Ministry of Magic
The Ministry's fireplaces
The Weasley's Burrow
That's it for this post; stay tuned for part II, coming on Tuesday soon...


  1. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves! How did you get your scarf to float behind you in the first pics? I will watch Harry Potter soon! You've inspired me x

    1. My pic at King's Cross Station is a professional one because Hubby took two but I was blinking on one and the 'Platform' sign was blurry on the other. There's a little shop at King's Cross selling HP stuff and there is the photo op, which is manned by people. It's free and you can take your own pics but if you want to buy the one they take you can. The scarf floats because one of the people manning it throws it into the air as the second person takes a photo :) it's pretty neat!