Saturday, 20 July 2013

Groovy baby!

At the beginning of the month, Hubby and I went away for the weekend with a few friends 'up north'.
We spent a relaxed Friday night in Chester catching up on the past few months, before moving onto 
New Brighton for the main reason for our weekend away: a 1960's themed fancy dress fundraising cruise 
up The Mersey in aid of Cancer Research UK. 
We made the most of the rare British sunshine with an afternoon on the beach in New Brighton, 
before donning our 60's finery to party the night away on a Mersey Ferry :)
As you can see, we had a fantastic time and an amazing £10,792.50 was raised on the night for 
Cancer Research UK, which is fantastic!
PS: I apologise if you're now humming Ferry 'cross the Mersey


  1. Can't we all dress like that now? What is our era anyway, the tame "teens"?

    1. Well, I was born in the 1980s so I kinda consider my era to be the late 90s - I remember so much from those years, it's hard to believe that they're almost 20 years ago! Man, that makes me feel old!!

  2. Lighthouses and icecream, very british! Love the fancy dress pics x

  3. You got me -- that's exactly what I was humming. So what happened to Old Brighton? :) Looks like fun!

    1. I have no idea about Old Brighton - I think maybe it's just called Brighton and is down south, lol. It was a fun weekend, thanks Jan x