Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My week in photos

Sunday 26th May to Sunday 2nd June
A relaxing Sunday evening (reading Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend)
Tuesday was Mexican night - I'm really loving Mexican food at the moment; I can't get enough of it!
Despite it being almost June, I spent Thursday evening reading by the fire
NB: this is a fantastic book for anyone that's interested
Oh yeah, I did it; I went Hipster on your ass for my lunch :)
Pretty summery nails :)
I picked Hubby up from the airport on Friday night - he'd been in Glasgow for the day where he'd been delivering some training
I ordered some new books from Amazon but they wouldn't fit through the letter box, so I had to go to 
the Post Office collection point early on Saturday morning to pick them up!
Garden update: We've got a strawberry growing :)
I bought a new dress - £8 from Matalan
On Sunday, Leighton decided he wanted to wear his mum's lipstick :)
I got a bit snap-happy this week 


  1. Love Mexican too, loved the movie SLP, but haven't read the book,jealous of your nails since I chewed mine off, and that dress really suits you.

    1. Arrww thanks Susie :) I was worried the dress showed a bit too much boob, lol. I LOVED SLP and have got it coming from LoveFilm this week so I'll be able to compare the book and the film as the film had very good reviews. I defo don't picture Pat's dad as Robert De Niro though, so that might throw me :)

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  3. Is that East Midlands airport!! I am feeling very home sick :( I love the dress from Matalan, I don't think it shows too much and it's very pretty. I think I'm booking my flight home today so I will be off to Matalan for a shop soon. Looking forward to the chip shop and sunday lunch too. I read so many books so might see how reasonable Silver Linings is for my Kindle, I normally just get freebies... not seen the film yet either. xx

    1. Arrww sorry hun, I didn't mean to make you homesick but yes it is East Midlands Airport. Matalan has loads of good stuff in at the mo - they did have some maxi dresses for £8 too but apparently they flew off the shelves so I was unable to actually get one :( I've ordered 8 books from Amazon since last Friday so I'm swimming in unread books, yay! SLP is excellent, I would highly recommend it! I got my copy from a charity shop for 50p :) xx

  4. I love your dress and nails!

  5. Awesome dress! Great nails, too! :)