Friday, 14 June 2013

My Pet Peeves

*I should warn you, this blog post contains strong language!*

I don't consider myself to be a negative person but there are a few things that really grind my gears. I'm in a ranting mood so I thought I'd share a few of them with you today (please note, there not in any kind of order - I just wrote them as they spilled outta my brain)...

  1. Bad grammar/spelling/punctuation - it's important and anyone who says it isn't really should read this.
  2. Small photos on blogs - for the love of god, learn how to make them bigger, people!
  3. People who are offended by swearing - so I like to drop the f-bomb, so what?! Get over it; it's 2013 (although, I do my best not to swear around kids - that's just common sense/general manners)!
  4. Bad manners - it really takes no time at all to remember your 'please' and 'thank yous'; please would you pass the salt, thank you for holding the door open, would you fuck off please. See, it's really easy!
  5. Music snobs - Your musical preference does not, in any way, make you better than me; so I like Backstreet Boys and Foo Fighters - I'm not going to hell apologise for owning CDs from both bands, so get over it!
  6. People who think they're always right - open your mind you narrow-minded cunt and you might learn something!
  7. Negative people - your middle class life really isn't that bad; stop complaining!
  8. Slow walkers - I have somewhere important to be you know?! GET OUT OF MY WAY!
  9. Electricity sockets turned on but with nothing in them - this really gets my goat; just turn it off when you unplug your phone/kindle/laptop (delete as appropriate)! #thinkgreen
  10. People who really can't take a joke - why haven't Apple, or another major corporation, developed a 'a sense of humour' personality download/upgrade yet?!
  11. People who interrupt me when I'm reading - because I'm clearly doing nothing!
  12. People who interrupt me when I'm talking - sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?!
  13. Noisy eaters - yuk!
  14. Bad drivers - you really don't need to speed pass me quite so fast (I'm doing 35mph in a 30-zone - sshhh!) nor do you need to travel at 30mph on a dual carriageway. Oh and you really do not need to dither at that roundabout; IT'S CLEAR, GO!
  15. Racism and homophobia - did you miss the part about it being 2013?! Fuck off outta my sight!
OK, that's it - I actually didn't think I would come up with this many and I kinda got serious on ya for that last one, eh?! Sorry about that, but I do feel better now :)

What are your top pet peeves? Have I missed any really good ones?
HUGE thanks goes to my gurl Mandeep for creating the lovely artwork that heads this rant :)


  1. Haha love it! I want to say 'would you fuck off please' now lol!
    My pet peeves are also bad manners, people who always think they're right and negative people! Also people who will keep making excuses to meet up when they clearly don't want to!!

    1. Oh god, yes, bad manners is such a big thing for me - it's so simple and easy to be polite, I have no idea why some people insist on being rude?! xx

  2. We used to say at work, "Fuck you very much." Also, when people say, "How are you?" I say, "Fine." But I think to myself, 'Fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional...F.I.N.E.

    Pet peeves? On most days, people in general.

    1. 'Fuck you very much'; hahaha, I love it! I'm gonna adopt that if you have no objection! My mum always says 'I'm not prejudice, I just hate everyone' and 'I hate people', the latter of which I have caught myself saying on too frequent occasion, lol! Some people are just plain stupid/annoying/irritating though aren't they - I do always wonder if they were born like it or just practice A LOT?!

  3. Ha ha, I'm loving your rant today...and all the bad language!!! I agree with everything in your list, don't think think I can think of anything else. I've managed to sort pic size out on my blog recently, it never came up with the option before, maybe you should write a guide for thickos like me! X

    1. Arww hun, that rant was not directed at you :) it just bugs me when people put millions of photos in one post but they're all thumbnail sized - they clearly want all the photos to be seen, otherwise why include them all, but I can't see a f-ing thumbnail!! Oh and I have a very bad potty mouth :) but I don't give a shit, lol! xx

    2. Oh I know! My problem was I was in HTML mode for the whole of A-Z, I didn't know about the other tab...ha ha. I love the bad language, I swear all the time. Just not brave enough to do it on my blog because I'm job hunting still and I don't think it would go down very well in squeaky clean california! x

    3. Oh wow! I do not understand a lick of HTML, despite Hubby being quite fluent, so I really real for you! At least you have everything sorted out now :) xx

  4. Hi Laura, seeing has i do most of the things(but not all) on this list,i think its time i came clean i only do them to wind you up.all my love Daddy.

    1. Is he really your Daddy? Lordy. My parents visit my blog as well. That's why I never swear... Sorry Daddy.

    2. Yes, Susie, he really is my daddy! I literally have no privacy, lol! And dad, who bites easier eh, you or me?! I know who my money's on :) xx