Monday, 10 June 2013

Hey, have you heard about...?

I rarely take the time to make recommendations, but this product warrants a blog post all to itself...
This is a Black Cherry Reed Diffuser from Yankee Candle and it is the dogs' bollocks! It smells amazing and it really does fill the whole room with a wonderful, but not overpowering, scent. I first came across them at my mother-in-law's house; me and Hubby walked into her living room one Sunday evening and as soon as we walked in, we could smell this amazing fragrance - I'm reluctant to say we were hit with the smell because that sounds quite negative, so I'll be cheesy and say we were caressed by the scent. 

"Oh wow, what is that amazing smell?" I asked my MIL and she told us all about the above product. Now, don't get me wrong, this is an expensive reed diffuser (£13.50 each but offers are currently available - we bought two for £22), however Hubby's auntie has had hers for three months now and the smell still fills the room and the bottle's still half full, so when you work out the cost compared to how many other, cheaper reed diffusers you would buy in that time (from the well-known brands such as Glade or Air Wick), it's actually great value for money. Plus, they're really pretty.
There are a whole host of fragrances available (approx. 19, depending on your location/shop) but we opted for Black Cherry (as smelt at the MIL's house) and Beach Walk. We chose two different diffusers with the thinking that we would notice the different smells when they were in situ, so Black Cherry is in our living room and Beach Walk is at the top of the stairs. I like the subtly of Beach Walk, especially compared to the intenseness of Black Cherry, which makes it perfect for upstairs. I couldn't put it in our bedroom because Hubby is funny about strong smells, so the windowsill at the top of the stairs was the perfect place.

Are there any products that would be classed as 'expensive' that you feel are well-worth the money? Have you ever tried Yankee Candles reed diffusers or their candles - what do you think of them?


  1. I like the look of these, not sure if they are available in the USA but i'll have look. What do I buy that's expensive??? hmm I use Decleor moisturiser, its about £50 for a jar but you don't need to use much so it lasts me at least 6 months and it feels great. x

    1. Oh, is the Decleor moisturiser any good? Which one do you buy? Last month I invested in some Clinque under eye cream (seeing as I'm getting older, lol) but it might be too rich for me as I've developed a couple of milk spots :( I might have to stick with No7. xx

    2. hey again. I used to use no.7 (still do a bit for make up anyway) but i got decleor as a pressie about 3 christmasses ago and have bought it since. Its really good and lasts ages. Only problem is the tub is heavy so its not easy to take on a short break, thats when i switch back to no.7 but i can feel the difference. i think its harmonie i use? x