Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My week in photos

So that I don't totally abandon my love of photography, or the notion of a photo a day, I've decided - every now and then - to share with you my week in photos. Here's my week in photos from Sunday April 28th to Saturday May 4th...
I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon reading in the conservatory, underneath this amazing blue sky
I've been busy planning ahead to keep you all entertained
The warm weather has made it feel like summer, so I treated myself to some Spanish-grown strawberries
I spent a lovely Friday night with my ganstas gurls Lucy, Mandeep & Sarah
On Saturday, we took a trip to B&Q (along with half of Leicester!) to get a few plants for the garden
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  1. Love Sarah's expression haha

    1. Sarah is the queen of the confused expression :)

  2. Wow you plan your blog out! That's not a bad idea? Is it weird to say I miss B & Q....ha ha we spent so much time back and forth there before we moved so the house would be nice for tenants. I don't really miss it. Lovely pics xxx

    1. hahaha, I've only started planning my blog out since the start of the A to Z Challenge. I have a lot of draft post written, read to be published but I could publish every day for two weeks but then would have nothing, so I'm trying to space my posts out - limited to about two a week :) xx