Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Sunday stroll in the sunshine

On Sunday 26th May, I went for a walk, just me and Izzy. My parents were away on a cruise and Hubby was camping, so it was just me and the little lady. The weather was unusually beautiful so I got snap-happy and took a bunch of photos, which I thought I'd share with you...
Rocking the prescription shades for the first time in 2013 :)
What a beautiful blue sky
Me & my favourite four-legged lady :)
So quintessentially English
Make a wish...
It's so peaceful
Loving the sunshine
Taking a break from the heat in the shade
That's all folks :)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bucket List item #9

I used to watch Disney movies EVERY day when I was a child. In fact, I think I traumatised my nana because I would always make her watch Sleeping Beauty or Alice in Wonderland whenever she baby sat me - which was once or twice a week! As much as I love them, I haven't really watched any Disney movies lately, which is why I decided to add this (below) to my Bucket List...
Photo from here
With Hubby away camping for three days, my parents sunning themselves on a cruise and me still exhausted from my geek weekend in Birmingham, I decided that Saturday May 25th would be the perfect time to cross one more thing off my Bucket List!

I woke up after a 10-hour sleep and I made myself a spot of breakfast...
I decided to wear my Eeyore pyjama bottoms to get into the spirit of the day...
I perused my Disney DVD collection ...
Before starting with...
I then watched...
I had honestly forgotten just how crazy this movie is - I seriously think the writers and/or animators were high when they wrote/illustrated this film!
I took a pee break and got some snacks...
Then settled down to watch...

By the time Robin Hood had finished, I was kinda bored of cartoons, so I searched LoveFilm and came across...

I cooked a pizza and did some washing up and laundry...
I had a break to eat my pizza, catch up on some news and speak to Hubby, before moving onto my final movie 
of the day...

Watching Disney movies was a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday but I think five movies is my limit; I'm not sure my brain will forgive me any time soon!

I chose Disney movies I hadn't seen in a while, but my dream list would feature: The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Aladdin and Finding Nemo, which are all movies I watch on a regular basis. It was nice to watch movies I'd not seen in a while, but it made me realise there's a reason my favourites are my favourites. At least I've crossed one more thing off my Bucket List :)

On Sunday, after walking Izzy in the ridiculous heat, I discovered that Lady and the Tramp is on Sky Anytime, so I decided to watch that too.

Near the start of the film, a baby Lady starts crying because her parents owners leave her alone in the kitchen. Izzy heard the dog crying and was clearly concerned...
Izzy is so cute!
I am an adult, honest!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My geek weekend...

So as my regular readers/followers will know, I love the TV show, Supernatural. Last weekend, I attended Asylum 10, a convention organised by Rogue Events in Birmingham and it was A-MAZ-ING!!
This is me with all the actor/actress guests who were there - do you recognise anyone?
If you've never seen the show before (what's wrong with you? WATCH IT NOW!), it is about two brothers who were raised to hunt evil by their father after their mother was killed in a house fire (she was pinned to the ceiling!!), which was started by a yellow-eyed demon (most demons in the show have black eyes). The show has two main stars (who weren't at the convention) then lots and lots of key supporting actors/actresses - you can just imagine how big the cast is after eight seasons of 22/23 episodes!

Rather than bore you with details you're really not bothered about from my weekend, I thought I'd just share my professional photos with you, as well as maybe a few I took...
With DJ Qualls, who you might recognise from the film 'Road Trip'
With Emily Perkins
With Julian Richings aka Death
With Kevin McNally, aka Gibbs in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' 
With the super-sexy Kim Rhodes (I really wanna be her best friend - this woman ROCKS!)
With the completely adorable Osric Chau
With Rick Worthy
With the drunk HOTTIE that is Ty Olsson ;)
Being silly with Matt Cohen & Dick Speight Jr
With Mr. Mark Sheppard
With Rob Benedict - we got two photos because of a mix up with our packages, but I'm not complaining!
With Misha Collins - a photo of a photo as I'm waiting for the scanned version
With a replica of the car the brothers drive, a 1967 Chevy Impala
Most of the guests joined us for karaoke on Friday night - we had noise complaints from the Hotel we were in for the second year running - I shouldn't be as proud of that fact as I am!
Saturday night, the musical guest, Jason Manns, performed and was joined on stage by Rob Benedict, who is
part of a band called Louden Swain - everyone ended up on stage at one point!

It wasn't just the guest actors/actresses that made the weekend so great; these sexy ladies helped...
All-in-all, I had a fantastic weekend, but I am definitely paying for all that fun now - I'm off to bed!

Feel free to email me if you do want to know more about my Asylum 10 adventure :)