Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for Supernatural

A small sample of my Supernatural merchandise
Supernatural, which airs on Sky Living in the UK but is produced by The CW in America, is my favourite TV show ever. I can't really explain to you what the show is about, but basically, season 1 started off with two brothers (Dean and Sam Winchester) on a road trip across America to find their father, John, who has gone missing. Dean and Sam were raised as hunters, to fight and kill evil, such as monsters, ghosts, vampires etc. They were raised in the 'hunting' life by John after their mother, Mary, was killed by a yellow-eyed demon on Sam's six-month 'birthday'. However, seeing as we're well into season 8 (season 9 has been confirmed - whoo hoo!), the show is about so much more than that now. At its core, the show is about family and about the relationship between two brothers, who would do anything for one another.

Framed and on the wall, my autographs from the Supernatural Convention
I attended in May 2012. I shall be going again this May :)
You can find out more about Supernatural here

What's your favourite TV show?

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  1. Replies
    1. :) and I'll have another one in a month's time :)

  2. I've seen Supernatural at night sometimes but not more than 2-3 episodes. I love the crime shows, and my favourites there are Bones and Criminal Minds.

    1. David Boreanaz is so good looking - I used to watch him in Angel. I gave Bones a go when it first started but it didn't keep me hooked - is it worth giving it another go?

  3. I've not seen The Supernatural, although it sounds interesting. I like the Montalbano crime series - dubbed from the Italian although it should be Sicilian - on BBC4 every now and then. Looking forward to the next series.
    Happy A to Z-ing!
    Jemima at Jemima's blog

  4. wow you are a big fan! love the frame....we like a good series so i might see if we can get all the episodes online or something x

    1. I know that TNT show episodes each weekday morning but if you don't get that channel, you can watch the whole series online at :) enjoy xx