Wednesday, 23 January 2013

White Britain

This may well be a long blog entry.

Since I posted photos of the snow early last week, it has only got colder and snowier, so I thought it was time to update you on the UK weather...

This was the view from my window at work on Friday lunchtime (18th January). 
It had been snowing lightly all day but the consistent trickle of falling flakes meant that by lunchtime, it was really starting to settle.

This was the view down High Street as I left work to walk up to Hubby's work...
It's pretty isn't it?

We decided that because everyone had decided to leave work early and EVERY route out of the town centre was gridlocked, I would walk to him and we'd be stuck in the car, in the traffic, together (arrwww!). Usually, he drives the one mile from his work to me to pick me up and then we do the final two miles home together. Our usual 25-minute rush hour journey (which can take just 10 minutes outside of rush hour) took an hour and a half. However, my mum's usual 30-minute/5-mile journey took her FOUR HOURS! At least we had Radio 2 to keep us entertained - we were rocking to classics such as 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC and 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' by Aerosmith:
Hubby's best rock devil horns

On Sunday, we decided it was time to stop fighting the snow and just go with it, so we donned our wellies, waterproofs, hat (Hubby), earmuffs (me), scarves and gloves and went sledging; well, Hubby did - he is officially a big kid: 30-going-on-3! 
This is Hubby with his new sledge :) ready and raring to go.

This is me, not so ready and raring to go. I decided I was too old to sledge so I stuck to being photographer/videographer - oh yes, there are videos :)

My mum and Izzy came too - Izzy loved it. We kept making snowballs and throwing them up in the air for her to catch; she caught a couple in her mouth and every time she looked very confused as to exactly where the ball had gone - bless her!
This is me and my mum, wrapped up warm from the cold :)

This is mum trying to push Hubby; the snow was too deep so he kept falling out.

As well as having to contend with deep snow which made him fall out of his new sledge, Izzy kept chasing and barking at Hubby as he rode down hills - it was so funny!

We spent about an hour and 15 minutes playing outside and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Hubby or Izzy! 

As I was taking photos on my iPhone, 
I managed to capture a panoramic shot of the fields covered in the white stuff...

Everywhere was soooooo white; I don't think I've ever seen so much snow here in England, although I am only 28, so I missed the infamous winter of 1963, when even the sea froze! 

 All-in-all, a good afternoon was had by all, even mum who gets cold very easily :)

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