Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 366 - also known as Monday 31st December


I painted my nails especially for the occasion and Leighton and Tom's Goddaughter, Orla (below), who we saw at Tom's Godmother's party/gathering, would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2013!!

So, there you have it, my final photo for 2012, all 366 days of it. I can't believe I actually did it. Although I was terrible at keeping this blog updated!! I've never stuck at a New Year's Resolution before, let's hope it's not the last time I stick to one either!!

Thank you to all those people who have dropped by my blog, for whatever reason; I hope you've enjoyed seeing what a year in my life is like. I plan to keep this blog going but obviously, it's purpose will change. As a writer by trade, I feel like I should post some of my writing here, but I dunno if I'm brave enough! 

So, until next time,

Peace out bitches 



  1. Well done! I've never stuck to a resolution, so good work. xxx

    1. Thanks lady :) I'm pretty chuffed I managed it, even if I was pretty rubbish at keeping this blog updated! My NY Resolution for 2013 is to read more :)