Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day 265 - also known as Friday 21st September

I bought and started reading a new book today - it's pretty good so far! 

Day 264 - also known as Thursday 20th September

I went for a walk after work today and, as you can see, the first signs of autumn are making themselves known - I love autumn! 
I found a conker too :)

Day 263 - also known as Wednesday 19th September

As you can tell, I made soup tonight; delicious butternut squash, red pepper and chilli soup, which warms ya cockles - perfect for winter!

Day 262 - also known as Tuesday 18th September

I had a productive evening today, sorting out my winter wardrobe and moving my summer clothes (which I've hardly won this summer thanks to the crappy weather) into the spare wardrobe. 
I feel ready for the winter now!

Day 261 - also known as Monday 17th September

I don't like Mondays, nothing exciting ever happens on a Monday. So, I watched some Season 5 of Dawson's Creek when I got home from work!