Monday, 17 September 2012

Day 221 - also known as Wednesday 8th August

Hubby and I took advantage of Orange Wednesdays tonight and headed to our local VUE to see Ted - it was pretty funny, I recommend it! 

Day 220 - also known as Tuesday 7th August

It's nice to see hubby doing his own ironing, for once :)

Day 219 - also known as Monday 6th August

I made another yummy veggie spaghetti bolognese today - it seems to be turning into my signature dish! It's so easy to make a big batch and freeze two or three tuppaware boxes for whenever I fancy some :)

Day 218 - also known as Sunday 5th August

It might look stormy, but mum and I actually had a really nice walk around the fields near her house today :)

Day 217 - also known as Saturday 4th August

More food out again tonight - a lovely meal at a charming country pub with wonderful friends, so we might have missed Jess Ennis complete the Heptathlon but it was worth it :)

Day 216 - also known as Friday 3rd August

I went for dinner with the work girlies today - this is me tucking into delicious five-bean chili and below is Lucy about to tuck into a HUGE burger...
Mandeep's always been a big fan of 'bashers and mash'...
 Sarah was obviously excited by the prospect of 'chicken'...
 This is my dessert, the only dessert in the history of desserts that I've been unable to finish - it was soooooo sweet. It was like eating pure sugar!

Day 215 - also known as Thursday 2nd August

I treated myself to a shop-bought lunch today, even though it's Thursday. This is a delicious cheese and tomato toastie - the classics are always the best!

Day 214 - also known as Wednesday 1st August

Pretty nails: I used BarryM 'Navy' topped with Rimmel 'Glitter' - I think my nails look like the night sky :)