Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 180 - also known as Thursday 28th June

I got caught in a MONSOON at lunchtime today. My friend Lucy and I honestly thought the apocalypse had begun; the sky got really dark, so dark that the street lights came on (it was only 1pm-ish), then the heavens just opened - I've never seen rain like it, not even in Brisbane, Australia and I thought that was bad! We were stuck in the cafe we'd ordered our takeaway lunch from for about 20 minutes, along with many others, waiting the rain out! There were a few crazy people who had braved what I'm sure they thought would be a shower, and they were soaked to the bone; one poor lady we saw had an umbrella but was still so soaked you could see her bra through her white top, and her black trousers were so wet they were shiny - it was insane!!

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