Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 213 - also known as Tuesday 31st July

I had the afternoon off work today (to sort out Virgin Media as my dad went through the cable with a spade when digging in the front garden on Saturday), so I went shopping - I love having a full fridge/cupboards!

Day 212 - also known as Monday 30th July

Today, I ate a straight banana - what's happening?!

Day 211 - also known as Sunday 29th July

Hubby, my parents, Izzy and I went for a walk this afternoon and it got REALLY dark, so I took a photo on my phone - I'm pretty pleased with how dramatic it came out! 

Day 210 - also known as Saturday 28th July

Getting a new front wall has inspired/spurred Hubby and I to re-do our front garden, so today Hubby, my dad and my bro spent the day digging and levelling and planning, so we can put down stones and enjoy a low-maintenance garden. 

Day 209 - also known as Friday 27th July

The Olympics Opening Ceremony in HD - we had Virgin Media TVo installed today :) 

Day 208 - also known as Thursday 26th July

A random but yummy afternoon treat!

Day 207 - also known as Wednesday 25th July

YAY! My front wall is finally re-built!! Only two and a half months after being knocked down by an uninsured driver!

Day 206 - also known as Tuesday 24th July

What's happened to the weather? Where has all this heat ans sunshine come from? Look how warm it was before 9am this morning, then look how hot it was at 3pm this afternoon! Another day roasting in the office :(

Day 205 - also known as Monday 23rd July

What a gorgeous day! What a shame I'm stuck in the office from 9am until 5pm and can't enjoy it - why couldn't the weather be this nice when I was off work for two weeks, instead of raining EVERY day?!

Day 204 - also known as Sunday 22nd July

I went with Tom's family to the local park today - isn't it gorgeous. Leighton has a whale of a time playing on the swings and slide and I got the chance to soak up some sun! I'm pretty sure Leighton enjoyed his day...

Day 203 - also known as Saturday 21st July

I've not really got anything to say about this photo, other than it's the sun, poking out from behind the clouds; I spotted it whilst on a walk with Hubby, my parents and Izzy.

Day 202 - also known as Friday 20th July

Guess what I watched tonight?! It was awesome and there were certain points of the movie where I was genuinely terrified! I highly recommend the movie to anyone with a slight interest in Batman.

Day 201 - also known as Thursday 19th July

I went to pole dancing this evening and hurt myself :( so this is a photo of an ice pack on my arm! I'm not even sure how I did it, but my friend, Laura, said that I'd effectively got 'golfers elbow' because of the ligaments/muscles/whatever-they're-called that I'd hurt; and she knows what she's talking about, she's a physiotherapist! 

Day 200 - also known as Wednesday 18th July

Nothing exciting happened today so here's a photo of the car park I parked the car in when Hubby went off to work in London for the day! 

Day 199 - also known as Tuesday 17th July

This is Hubby, ready to head off to football training, wearing the top he got from my parents for his 30th birthday - it a Spurs shirt from the year he was born :)

Day 198 - also known as Monday 16th July

I went back to work today... 
then after lunch I changed my desktop background, so I'm treating you to two photos today :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 197 - also known as Sunday 15th July

I took a very wet walk around Wanlip today with Hubby, my parents and Izzy; we had to walk the long way around and then had to re-trace out steps because the place was so flooded after all the rain we've had...

Day 196 - also known as Saturday 14th July

I got another load of ironing done today!

Day 195 - also known as Friday 13th July

 Hubby's family came over today, so as it was raining and we wanted to entertain two-and-a-half year old Leighton, we took a trip to our local RSPCA centre and saw some real cuties...

These rabbits were called Gary, Mark, Robbie, Howard and Jason; so today, I met Take That!

Day 194 - also known as Thursday 12th July

My iron broke mid-way through tackling my massive pile of ironing, so I had to go out and buy a new one; here is said new iron. I got it from Asda for £12, it was reduced from £20 and, so far, it's pretty awesome, well, as irons go!

Day 193 - also known as Wednesday 11th July

Wednesdays mean Orange Wednesdays so I headed to my local Odeon with my pal, Laura, to see the abs-fest that is Magic Mike, starring the gorgeous Channing Tatum. There's very little plot and some of the acting is a bit off, but it's a really good film, full of good dancing, rock hard abs and magnificent bite-able bums! It gets a big 'thumbs up' from me and all the other women in the audience :)

Day 192 - also known as Tuesday 10th July

I mentioned that I took a trip to Fosse Park the other day, well the main reason for the trip was to get this: a £30 bookcase from good ol' Argos. Hubby put it together today and I spent the rest of the day filling it. We'd outgrown our old bookcase, which had books overflowing from it, most of which are mine! We've got plenty of room now; good job I bought some new books the other day too :)

Day 191 - also known as Monday 9th July

Hubby's new phone arrived today - the Samsung Galaxy X III - and I have to admit, so far, it seems better than the iPhone! 

Day 190 - also known as Sunday 8th July

I headed to Bradgate Park today with my parents and Hubby, armed with my new camera and an eagle eye! I got some really great photos, but I think this one has to be my favourite. I'm pretty sure all the deers there are so used to people being around, they don't really take much notice, but I think this photo looks as if the deer is in the wild somewhere, totally unaware of my spying presence. 

Day 189 - also known as Saturday 7th July

On my trip to Fosse Park yesterday, I bought this book, 'When God Was A Rabbit' and I began reading it today, with a delicious cup of tea and a few biscuits - it's a really good book so far. I love sitting in my conservatory, away from the noise, and curling up with a good book!

Day 188 - also known as Friday 6th July

Hehehehe, I saw this in Next at Fosse Park and couldn't resist taking a photo; I didn't but it though. If you look carefully, you can see me in the 'lens' taking a photo with my new iPhone 4s :)

Day 187 - also known as Thursday 5th July

After the excitement of London and Abbey Road yesterday, I had a quiet day at home. Hubby however, headed in to town to upgrade his phone (it's being sent to him in the post) and whilst he was there, he got me this - he knows how much I love Supernatural :)

Day 186 - also known as Wednesday 4th July

I got to tick something off my Bucket List today. Before I get to that though, I need to give you some back story. My lovely friend Sarah has her own blog; she's blogging about her final year before turning 30 - there are many things Sarah wants to achieve before she is 30 in March 2013. When discussing what she could add to this list, I told her about my Bucket List dream to cross the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road, as featured on the cover of the Beatles album of the same name. On agreeing that this was indeed a very suitable addition to her list, we planned a trip to London with our other halves - today, it was time for that trip.
As you can see from these photos, we had a ball, even if the weather was rubbish, and we both got to cross something off our lists, and we looked cool in the process. For those of you that are interested, Sarah has written a much more detailed account of our day here.

Day 185 - also known as Tuesday 3rd July

I finally gave in today and upgraded my phone. My ancient iPhone 3 was on its last legs but the straw that broke the camel's back came on Sunday when the battery ran out overnight and it took 30 minutes, yes 30, to turn back on once plugged into a charger! That was too close for comfort, so I took the plunge and upgraded today - you watch, the iPhone 5 will be out next month now!

Day 184 - also known as Monday 2nd July

Tonight's dinner: veggie meatballs (hubby had proper meatballs) and spaghetti with garlic tear 'n' share bread - nom nom! As you can tell, today was boring - it was out first day off work and it was really nice to just have a lazy day, doing not a lot! 

Day 183 - also known as Sunday 1st July

I'm loving my new camera. This is Izzy and on my new camera there is a 'pets and children' setting - I'm not too sure exactly how it is different to any of the other settings, but I like!

Day 182 - also known as Saturday 30th June

I've been playing with my new camera today...

Day 181 - also known as Friday 29th June

The whole office ventured out at lunchtime today to our local Pizza Express as it was not only our last day at work for two whole weeks, but also one of our colleagues is getting married on Sunday, so we went out to celebrate. If you hadn't already guessed, this is what I had to eat and it was bloody delicious!

Day 180 - also known as Thursday 28th June

I got caught in a MONSOON at lunchtime today. My friend Lucy and I honestly thought the apocalypse had begun; the sky got really dark, so dark that the street lights came on (it was only 1pm-ish), then the heavens just opened - I've never seen rain like it, not even in Brisbane, Australia and I thought that was bad! We were stuck in the cafe we'd ordered our takeaway lunch from for about 20 minutes, along with many others, waiting the rain out! There were a few crazy people who had braved what I'm sure they thought would be a shower, and they were soaked to the bone; one poor lady we saw had an umbrella but was still so soaked you could see her bra through her white top, and her black trousers were so wet they were shiny - it was insane!!

Day 179 - also known as Wednesday 27th June

My new camera arrived today in the box pictured above; a photo of my camera is below - why on earth they felt the need to use such a big box for such a small camera I will never know! You can (hopefully) expect some better quality photos from me from here on out!

Day 178 - also known as Tuesday 26th June

What can I say? It rained today, for most of the day, but then again, Wimbledon started yesterday so it's bound to rain for the next two weeks!

Day 177 - also known as Monday 25th June

Some of you may remember, back in May, the KA that came crashing through my front garden; well, the police have finally decided on a 'punishment' for the (uninsured) driver. He has been given a conditional caution, which means he must clear up the mess he made before the end of the week or he will be arrested and prosecuted - this is all he did today! I'm soooo fed up of coming home to such a mess. 

Day 176 - also known as Sunday 24th June

It was my mum's birthday today (she's 21 again), so we treated her to a slice of fresh Victoria sponge cake! It was delicious :) and for anyone that's interested, my brother and I bought her a new Hi-Fi and '21' by Adele. I think she had a good day!