Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 174 - also known as Friday 22nd June

'British' fever is everywhere at the mo because of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London 2010 Olympics so when I saw this cushion in Asda tonight, I had to take a photo!

Day 173 - also known as Thursday 21st June

A tasty treat enjoyed at work today - nothing else really happened today, sorry.

Day 172 - also known as Wednesday 20th June

I got to enjoy a trip out of the office today to visit a care home in Rutland that's advertising in Aspire; it was a lovely drive out and I couldn't resist getting out of the car on the way back and snapping this photo :)

Day 171 - also known as Tuesday 19th June

Yes, this is chocolate left over from Easter and yes it was nice :)

Day 170 - also known as Monday 18th June

I made veggie spaghetti bolognese tonight for tea and actually tweeted each step of the process :) Yes, I was bored!

Day 169 - also known as Sunday 17th June

We enjoyed a peaceful stroll today around Wanlip.

Day 168 - also known as Saturday 16th June

Hubby and I went out for food tonight with two of our really good friends, Sophie and Greg; it was a delicious meal with really great company and as you can see, we all thoroughly enjoyed our desserts :)
 Hubby loving his profiteroles  
 Sophie & Greg with their banoffee ice cream sundae for two

Day 167 - also known as Friday 15th June

Hubby enjoying England's first game of Euro 2012, especially as, at the time this photo was taken, England had just scored what was to be the winning goal of the match against Sweden :)

Day 166 - also known as Thursday 14th June

Another glorious British summer morning (taken at 08:36), but will it last? 

Day 165 - also known as Wednesday 13th June

Wednesday is the day that we get the previous week's magazines back from the printers; these are today's magazines :)

Day 164 - also known as Tuesday 12th June

I went to bed today whilst it was still light outside and it messed with my head; we've not even made it to the longest day yet!!

Day 163 - also known as Monday 11th June

Hubby got back from Download today :) I'm so glad he's home, but shhhh don't tell him!

Day 162 - also known as Sunday 10th June

It's been pretty wet all week so it was no surprise to see footprints in the mud as we walked Izzy around the fields today, but these aren't your average footprints :) 

Day 161 - also known as Saturday 9th June

My final two professional photos from Asylum 8 (my Supernatural Convention from May) arrived in this morning's post and I love them. The photo above is me and my friend Izzy with Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino and the photo below is of me with musician, Jason Manns.

Day 160 - also known as Friday 8th June

This is my pressie from my mum and dad from their holiday to Las Vegas, which was actually their second of the year and it's only June!! I love yellow and am partial to a hoodie so it's perfect for me :) They got back today so I went round after work to have dinner with them and find out all about their trip.

Day 159 - also known as Thursday 7th June

Tonight's tea: I hate cooking for one because I always cook too much, so guess what I've got for lunch tomorrow?

Day 158 - also known as Wednesday 6th June

This beautiful t-shirt arrived in the post today :)

Day 157 - also known as Tuesday 5th June

Another Bank Holiday today, in honour of The Queen, so I treated hubby to a feast for dinner as he's off to Download festival tomorrow (so will probably be eating crap all week!); we had fajitas!

Day 156 - also known as Monday 4th June

It might have been raining outside today (typical Bank Holiday British weather) but I wanted pasta salad for lunch, so that's what I had :)

Day 155 - also known as Sunday 3rd June

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, I headed to a family party today and as you can see, little Leighton really got into the spirit of things. His mum dressed him as a soldier, and he may look happy here but he wasn't a fan of the hat and it was yanked off soon after this photo.

These were just some of the cakes at the party, nom nom!

Day 154 - also known as Saturday 2nd June

With hubby away on Scout camp and my parents away in America, I took Izzy for a walk on my own today and she was as good as gold.

Day 153 - also known as Friday 1st June

I bought some new nail polish today - Barry M Nail Effects and painted it over some 'raspberry' coloured polish to get this cracked effect; I have it in black too and I think I like it better in black. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 152 - also known as Thursday 31st May

We drew our sweepstake teams for the European Championships 2012 today and I drew, yes you guessed it, Russia. I don't know much about football but I don't hold much hope of them winning the tournament, and therefore me winning the £20 prize money.

On another note, my lovely Scottish colleague, Lucy, was obviously thrilled with her team from the draw :)

Day 151 - also known as Wednesday 30th May

More ice cream at lunch today, but I treated myself and got a couple of scoops of tropical sorbet from Thornton's - it was delicious! 

Day 150 - also known as Tuesday 29th May

I needed this today, not that I'm complaining you understand, I just wish I wasn't stuck in an un-air conditioned office and was instead sunbathing in my garden, maybe with a good book and a glass of something cold!

Day 149 - also known as Monday 28th May

I treated myself to a Feast ice cream on my lunch break today - it's soooo hot!

Day 148 - also known as Sunday 27th May

I went for a meal out today with the rest of my family to celebrate my late-grandfather's 90th birthday, or what would have been his birthday. He died when I was only three-years-old, so I don't really remember him but it was nice to get the whole family together; we don't do that often enough!

Day 147 - also known as Saturday 26th May

I took advantage of the glorious weather today and spent the day in the garden :)

Day 146 - also known as Friday 25th May

How gorgeous is this? This is the view as I left my house to go to work this morning at about 8:30am; it seriously made me not want to go to work, I mean, how often do you see blue skies like that, especially here in 'sunny' Leicester?!

Day 145 - also known as Thursday 24th May

Another food-related photo today and because the sun is shining, I've decided to have veggie burgers and salad - nom nom!