Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 144 - also known as Wednesday 23rd May

Wow, what a bleary-eyed early start today. Hubby needed to be in London, on the 8:18am train and as I'd spent all my money at the convention, I didn't have any money to park the car, so he took it and parked it at work, meaning I needed to leave with him! It was painful!! 

Day 143 - also known as Tuesday 22nd May

A boring day back at work today so you get a photo of my tea: salmon, potatoes, peas and parsley sauce :) 

Day 142 - also known as Monday 21st May

Packed but not ready to go home - this was an amazing weekend and I want to live at a convention for the rest of my life :(

Day 141 - also known as Sunday 20th May

A photo of a photo today of me and arguably the biggest star at the convention, Misha Collins, who plays the role of the angel in Supernatural. He was lovely and I asked him to do anything BUT smile for this photo and this is what he did :) 

Day 140 - also known as Saturday 19th May

This was the start of the opening ceremony for my convention, even though things started yesterday (they were extra). It was an amazing day but I won't bore you with the details! 

Day 139 - also known as Friday 18th May

So, this is one of the photos from my convention, which was a Supernatural convention held in Birmingham. This is a shot from the karaoke party held tonight, in which me and my friends got to the front of the stage, therefore spent the entire night chatting and partying with the cast of the tv show.

Day 138 - also known as Thursday 17th May

I got a gorgeous FREE manicure today from Be Beau in Birstall because I'm off to a convention tomorrow for the weekend and I wanted pretty nails. It's not standard nail polish; it's shellac, which is as hard and durable as gel nails, but with a high gloss shine, plus it's better for your nails than gel nails. I love it - I want nails like this all the time! 

Day 137 - also known as Wednesday 16th May

A busy week at work means you get a snapshot of the postcards on our wall - they're from readers entering competitions, but they brighten up the place :) 

Day 136 - also known as Tuesday 15th May

Sexy Lucy at work today - it's already one of those weeks! 

Day 135 - also known as Monday 14th May

Another gloriously sunny day and I'm stuck in the office, so this is the view from my window

Day 134 - also known as Sunday 13th May

Another gloriously sunny Sunday as I took Izzy for a walk - I love the colour of the fields at the moment, as yellow is my favourite, but the smell is horrible. Rape seed really does smell bad, but at least I don't suffer with hayfever! 

Day 133 - also known as Saturday 12th May

I was a hermit today and didn't leave the house, so here's a photo of my tv.

Day 132 - also known as Friday 11th May

What a difference a day makes, I found this little guy outside my house this morning! 

Day 131 - also known as Thursday 10th May

It was a rainy, miserable British day today :(

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 130 - also known as Wednesday 9th May

Hubby had to work in London today, which meant I had the car and as my work building doesn't have its own car park, I had to pay to park. It's only £2 all day in a car park a short walk from work though. 

Day 129 - also known as Tuesday 8th May

Back to work today and it's raining again!

Day 128 - also known as Monday 7th May

As today was a Bank Holiday and both Hubby and I had the day off work, we decided on a trip to Derby to go to the cinema to see Marvel's Avengers Assemble. We decided to go all the way to Derby as we were given a CineWorld voucher for Christmas and this was the closest one to us - it's a good film and if you still haven't seen it, go now; I highly recommend it! 

Day 127 - also known as Sunday 6th May

What a lovely wake-up call this was at 7:20am on a Sunday morning. A driver lost control of their vehicle (turns out they weren't drunk!) and crashed into the wall at the front of my house. Obviously, I called the police straight away and luckily they caught the driver and his two passengers after they fled the scene. 

This is the car being towed away... 
...and this is the mess left behind

Hopefully, we can claim for the damage on the house insurance and the police have mentioned compensation so fingers crossed! 

What a nightmare start to the day!! 

Day 126 - also known as Saturday 5th May

I went food shopping today, so the house is now full of yummy food :)

Day 125 - also known as Friday 4th May

This is hubby's home for the weekend. He's a Scout leader so every so often he has to help out at the campsite that his District owns, and this weekend it's their turn - they have about 300 campers there to camp and enjoy all the activities the site offers, such as abseiling, go-carting and crate stacking. At least he gets the comfort of a caravan and doesn't have to pitch his tent!

Day 124 - also known as Thursday 3rd May

Today's lunch - I've noticed that I've started to post a lot of food-related photos, so I promise to try and shake things up a bit from now on :) 

Day 123 - also known as Wednesday 2nd May

I recently bought a Wreck Journal after my good friend Dina suggested them on her blog in the hope it'll get my creative juices flowing. Although this is one of the pages that I found pretty easy to complete, I wrote the word 'Supernatural' (my favourite TV show) so many times that it started to look wrong, like I'd spelt it wrong or like the letters were written the wrong way or something, so I thought I'd share it with you!

Day 122 - also known as Tuesday 1st May

Leftover tuna pasta bake for lunch today :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 121 - also known as Monday 30th April

Today, Lucy brought cake into the office for us to eat to celebrate her birthday - nom nom!

Day 120 - also known as Sunday 29th April

It was another rainy day today! In this photo, I not only have my wellies on, but also my sexy waterproof trousers :)

Day 119 - also known as Saturday 28th April

Today I went rollerskating for Lucy's 23rd birthday with Sarah and Mandeep and a great time was had by all. We decided to combine one of Sarah's 'Project 30' challenges with an outing for Lucy's birthday. If you want to read more about our adventure, read Sarah's blog entry.
This is me, on my roller-skates, not falling over :)

Day 118 - also known as Friday 27th April

The time had finally arrived for the NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys) concert in Birmingham! The above photo was taken towards the end of the concert but the highlight of my life the night was when Nick Carter, my childhood heartthrob, walked down the stairs where we were sitting; he stopped on the stairs near us for a few seconds and held my hand as he sang a few words, then he continued down the stairs, towards the stage. AJ McLean then followed him. The photo below was taken as Nick approached, right before he took my hand; if you look carefully, you can see AJ in the background!


Day 117 - also known as Thursday 26th April

OMG, what is this? I found it at Asda and it is marshmellow in a jar!!!!

Day 116 - also known as Wednesday 25th April

It rained today so I wore my wellies to work :) 

Day 115 - also known as Tuesday 24th April

I paid a visit to the local market at lunchtime, in search of pink leg warmers for an upcoming birthday adventure (more on that soon) but I also came across this stall of cheap and cheerful fancy dress accessories, such as wings, halos and tiaras! 

Day 114 - also known as Monday 23rd April

This picture is on the wall next to my front door at home; it's one of the things that initially attracted me to the house - I think it's really pretty and gives me something nice to look at each morning, no matter what the weather is doing!

Day 113 - also known as Sunday 22nd April

Izzy trying to take mum for a walk!

Day 112 - also known as Saturday 21st April

A few drinks with my girls tonight at Olives on Queens Road - it was a nice, relaxed and civilised night, unlike when we three usually get together! 

Day 111 - also known as Friday 20th April

An early start, well for us; we don't usually leave the house in a morning until about 8:45am.

Day 110 - also known as Thursday 19th April

Call of Duty arrived today from Love Film so guess how Hubby spent his evening?!

Day 109 - also known as Wednesday 18th April

It's that time again; I hate updating my phone. I've got an iPhone 3, yes a 3, and it's so old and slow, and whenever I update it, it takes ages. I need a new phone but I'm not keen on the design of the iPhone 4 so I'm gonna wait for the iPhone 5 to come out, which according to the latest rumours, should be September.

Day 108 - also known as Tuesday 17th April

"It's a bit dark over Bill's mother's" as they say.

Day 107 - also known as Monday 16th April

These have been my best friends today, thanks to a sore neck/shoulder. 

Day 106 - also known as Sunday 15th April

A wonderful sight on a glorious Sunday stroll.

Day 105 - also known as Saturday 14th April

Hubby and I took our nephew, Leighton, and his mummy (Hubby's sister) to CBeebies Live today at Nottingham's Ice Arena. He loved it as you can see from this extra photo...
He fell asleep on the drive home, bless him.

Day 104 - also known as Friday 13th April

Despite the threat of bad luck, I treated myself today to a takeaway Chinese lunch from the Food Market that was visiting Leicester this week - it was delicious! 

Day 103 - also known as Thursday 12th April

The pretty sky as I left work today at 7:30pm

Day 102 - also known as Wednesday 11th April

A office treat - nom nom!