Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 101 - also known as Tuesday 10th April

Back to work today after a the long Easter weekend :(

Day 100 - also known as Monday 9th April

Another food-related photo today - this is my delicious tuna pasta bake. I made far too much but we'll use the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Day 99 - also known as Sunday 8th April

It was my younger brother's 22nd birthday today, so, along with hubby, mum, dad, the birthday boy and his girlfriend, I went out for lunch. The above is my mains - a delicious mushroom pastry parcel thingy and below is my pudding, a delicious slice of chocolate fudge cake, clearly on the BIGGEST plate the restaurant could find :)

Day 98 - also known as Saturday 7th April

I enjoyed a cheese & tomato pizza and a refreshing glass of Bulmers for my dinner today :)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 97 - also known as Friday 6th April

As it's Good Friday today I did my Good Samaritan bit and helped my bestie paint her dining room in her new house, her first house. It was a good day and we got all the walls painted, plus the ceiling, in less than four hours - I was pretty proud of us :)

Day 96 - also known as Thursday 5th April

Our last day at work before the Easter break and the Easter bunny (also known as Barbara from Sales) left us a little treat! 

Day 95 - also known as Wednesday 4th April

More rain again today, but this time there was some sleet mixed in - Noooooooo!

Day 94 - also known as Tuesday 3rd April

Nice weather for ducks! I knew the sunshine wouldn't last :(

Day 93 - also known as Monday 2nd April

Today's lunch - fresh, but not home-made, tomato and basil soup and onion and rosemary Sunbites - nom nom! 

Day 92 - also known as Sunday 1st April

I ate my first ice cream of the year today. The weather was glorious and we spotted a traditional ice cream van at Watermead as we were taking Izzy for a walk, so dad treated me, Hubby and my mum to a ninety-nine! 

An Apology

I'm so sorry for not posting anything for the last 3 weeks guys. I have been sticking to new New Year's Resolution, so I promise I'll update my blog for all the photos I took in April over the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled :)