Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 78 - also known as Sunday 18th March

An updated photo of the gorgeous Izzy who wanted whatever I was willing to offer her of my Sunday roast - I offered her nothing! Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there today too!

Day 77 - also known as Saturday 17th March

Saturday night is pizza night - you'll be happy to know that I didn't manage all 6 slices, so I had to offer up 2 of them to Hubby; he devoured them happily :)

Day 76 - also known as Friday 16th March

I went for drinks tonight with a friend I've not seen since her wedding in December 2011. It was lovely to catch up and hear all about her honeymoon, as well as her secret baby-making plans. Hopefully Hubby and I will meet up with my friend and her hubby at some point next month!

Day 75 - also known as Thursday 15th March

Turns out, I'm getting really bad at taking photos as this is the only photo I took all day today. It's a bird sitting on the telephone lines outside our house as we left for work this morning. He wasn't bothered by our presence and he was a lot closer than this photo makes out. As you can tell, it was a really foggy morning too!

Day 74 - also known as Wednesday 14th March

Working late and at home again :(

Day 73 - also known as Tuesday 13th March

A Slice of Culture, Dar-ling!
Along with my good friend, Miss Ross, I headed to Curve tonight after work to see local university students perform The Laramie Project, a play about the aftermath of the murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay university student in Wyoming who was killed for being gay in 1998. It was an excellent play that exceeded my expectations of a 'student performance'. For my full review, check out Issue 253 on Friday March 23rd.  I have since discovered that the play was turned into a movie in 2002, starring a whole host of famous people including Christina Ricci, Steve Buscemi, Laura Linney and Joshua Jackson; it's well worth a watch and I'd highly recommend seeing a production of the play if one is ever in your town. It stayed with both Miss Ross and I long after we'd see it! 

Day 72 - also known as Monday 12th March

Another (almost) sunset, photographed on the way home from work; I'm loving the lighter nights. Roll on summer!

Day 71 - also known as Sunday 11th March

It was a beautiful sunny day today and I was having so much fun that I forgot to take a photo until Hubby & I got home, so here's a photo of his sexy legs - swits swhoo!

Day 70 - also known as Saturday 10th March

Another photo of Leighton today, but it's hard not to take photos of him; he's so cute!!This is him at his great-grandad's house wearing Hubby's cap. He's growing up WAY too fast!

Day 69 - also known as Friday 9th March

Look what arrived in the post this morning! I was a huge Backstreet Boys fan as a teenager and will never pass up the opportunity to see them perform live - they're about the only 'boyband' who actually sing live at their concerts, rather than miming. I'm looking forward to seeing them live again, along with New Kids On The Block in April - I'll more than likely tell y'all about it! 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day 68

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton came to Leicester today as the first stop on The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Tour of the UK - this was my glimpse of her at about 12:30 as she drove past my offices, heading towards the cathedral! 

Day 67 - also known as Wednesday 7th March

I didn't do a great deal today, other than go to work, so here's a photo of the moon - it was so bright I thought there was a light on in our spare bedroom, but it was just the moon. This photo really doesn't do it justice!

Day 66 - also known as Tuesday 6th March

A delicious after dinner treat :)

Day 65 - also known as Monday 5th March

I hate ironing but this is how I spent my evening. Both Hubby and I hate this household chore so we find that the ironing pile tends to get bigger and bigger until neither of us have any clothes left to wear. So, I put on some DVDs, a brave face and did a spot of ironing - I wonder how long it'll be before I do any more :) 

Day 64 - also known as Sunday 4th March

Leighton decided he wanted a cat 'tattoo' today so Hubby drew some whiskers and a nose on his face - he loved it!

Day 63 - also known as Saturday 3rd March

Took my Sunday stroll on Saturday this week. It was a lovely sunny day and the fresh air in my lungs was much appreciated! You'd never know this photo was taken just a few minutes drive from the centre of bustling Leicester! It looks so peaceful :)

Day 62 - also known as Friday 2nd March

Nom Nom 
Went for food and drinks after work today with my lovely ladies from work; we had a lovely chat and even started planning an rollerskating adventure for the next birthday that's coming up in April :) 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 61 - also known as Thursday 1st March

The Sun Has Got His Hat On
I woke up this morning to thick fog, but by lunchtime it was a glorious late winter/early spring day :) The fresh air and warm sunshine were much needed on my lunch break; however, as I was at work until 7:15pm, I didn't have the pleasure of leaving work whilst it was still light!

Day 60 - also known as Wednesday 29th February

Sorry I've been quiet for the last few days, I've been really busy at work. I have still managed to stick to my New Year's Resolution as I've taken a photo each day, I just haven't had time to post them. I took this as I was going home, and we all know how much I love a good sunset :)