Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Things I Like...

OK, so this obviously isn't a photo but I wanted to share these awesome photo blogs that I found with y'all:
Let me know what you think xx

Also, if you ever want cheering up, check out she's awesome and offers some really funny opinions on life :)


  1. Check out this photographer too He is so inspiring and if you get stuck for ideas for pics for your blog, you can always do this!

  2. Wow thanks Dina, that's so awesome - how cute is the second photo?! xx

  3. I know! Saw it in the Metro the other day but forgot the email it to you. You enjoying blogging?

  4. Yeah it's good, dunno how to find more blogs to follow though so any suggestions welcome lol :) I see you're keeping your new year's resolution to blog more, go you!! x

  5. Yea and now I'm little more organised with set tasks on certain days to blog particular thing and enjoying it too. I have a notebook just for my blog!

    I'd suggest just be nosey! Look through peoples followers on their blog, its a chore sometimes, there are a few blogs you can take part in with your photos which I will email you. That will get people to your blog too. Hope that helps. x