Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8

Cheeky Smile
So, this is Leighton, my two-year-old nephew; I spent some time with him this afternoon at my in-laws and he amazes me more every time I see him. For example, today, Hubby took two tents to his mum to see if she could fix them - my sewing skills stretch as far as sewing up a hole or sewing on a badge - so Leighton asked me what they were and when I told him he asked "I sleep in tent?" I mean, how'd he know that you sleep in tents! We had to tell him he could sleep in them once 'mom-ma' had fixed them, so he then ran from the conservatory to the living room shouting "Sleeping in tent"; he cracks me up!
This photo was taken about 10 mins after the above, when he had his 'tiggy' and his 'ilk' and kept saying "nan night 'aura".

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