Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7

Making Friends
So I thought it was about time I introduced you to Izzy, my parents 1-year-old border collie. Here she is on our walk today trying to make friends with some fearless ducks and two wussy swans. 
This is what she looks like when she's looking at you:
Isn't she gorgeous?! She's come so far since mum & dad got her just under a year ago, she'd been born and raised for the first few months of her life on a farm, so didn't really have any training. Now, she comes back when you call/whistle, she sits, she lies down, she gives you her paw and she even high-fives! She's also been going to agility lessons and, from what mum tells me, she's doing well, that is, when she can be bothered! It seems she can be a moody and unpredictable teenager on occasion :) I'm sure this isn't the last time this year that you'll see a photo of Izzy.

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