Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day 265 - also known as Friday 21st September

I bought and started reading a new book today - it's pretty good so far! 

Day 264 - also known as Thursday 20th September

I went for a walk after work today and, as you can see, the first signs of autumn are making themselves known - I love autumn! 
I found a conker too :)

Day 263 - also known as Wednesday 19th September

As you can tell, I made soup tonight; delicious butternut squash, red pepper and chilli soup, which warms ya cockles - perfect for winter!

Day 262 - also known as Tuesday 18th September

I had a productive evening today, sorting out my winter wardrobe and moving my summer clothes (which I've hardly won this summer thanks to the crappy weather) into the spare wardrobe. 
I feel ready for the winter now!

Day 261 - also known as Monday 17th September

I don't like Mondays, nothing exciting ever happens on a Monday. So, I watched some Season 5 of Dawson's Creek when I got home from work!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 260 - also known as Sunday 16th September

Here's a different view from the fields near my parents house; the horses looked pretty happy and I figured it was time to give you a different view of our weekly walk around the fields; you're welcome :) 

Day 259 - also known as Saturday 15th September

We FINALLY got our front garden finished today! After all the mess and hassle when the car crashed into our wall back in May, we're finally finished! 

Day 258 - also known as Friday 14th September

Pasta bake and roasted Mediterranean vegetables for dinner - nom nom!  

Day 257 - also known as Thursday 13th September

I arrived at the petrol forecourt with four miles worth of petrol left in the tank - I like to live dangerously :)

Day 256 - also known as Wednesday 12th September

Oh dear, I must have spoken too soon about the late British summer, although this was only a short shower just after 5pm, so September is still beating August and July weather-wise!

Day 255 - also known as Tuesday 11th September

Two postcards arrived from my American pal, Laurie, who lives in Brunswick, Georgia, today :)

Day 254 - also known as Monday 10th September


Day 253 - also known as Sunday 9th September

Hubby & I took a trip to the park today with my parents, and it was such a lovely afternoon that we all got ice creams... yes, it is September!

Day 252 - also known as Saturday 8th September

It was little Leighton's birthday today - he's three!! We gathered the family together and took a trip to Markeaton Park in Derbyshire and luckily the weather was on our side - it was a beautiful day, the kids played nicely together, the adults all got a long and there was plenty of food and drink to keep us fed and watered! It was a great day, but most importantly, the birthday boy had fun!

Day 251 - also known as Friday 7th September

I painted my nails today - I managed to do the darker pink dots using the eye of a needle :) I'm pretty impressed, especially for a first effort!

Day 250 - also known as Thursday 6th September

A trip to the doctors presents a fantastic opportunity to show you another glorious late-summer afternoon in Leicestershire!

Day 249 - also known as Wednesday 5th September

Wow, what a beautiful day! This is the view up my street at about 5:30pm when I got home from work. It seems that September is going to follow the trend of the previous two years and be better weather-wise than July or August! What's that about?!

Day 248 - also known as Tuesday 4th September

I finally got around to having my homemade vegetarian chilli con carne for dinner :)

Day 247 - also known as Monday 3rd September

We bought a new duvet today, a duck feather and down duvet one - I love it!! Our bed is even more comfortable than it was before, and that's never a good thing :)

Day 246 - also known as Sunday 2nd September

Hubby & I finally got around to planting the plants we bought on Bank Holiday Monday into our back garden today - they look good and add a lovely splash of colour to the place - fingers crossed they don't die!

Day 245 - also known as Saturday 1st September

I made vegetarian Chilli Con Carne for the first time today - it was gooddddd!!

Day 244 - also known as Friday 31st August

Seeing as today was pay day, Lucy, Mandeep and I headed to Wetherspoons to meet up with Sarah to eat, drink, be merry and gossip about everything and anything :) It was a good night! 

Day 243 - also known as Thursday 30th August

I ploughed my way through a yummy cheesy vegetable pasta lunch today :)

Day 242 - also known as Wednesday 29th August

Another rainy day - so much for the summer :(

Day 241 - also known as Tuesday 28th August

I FINALLY FOUND MY WATCH :) I've been looking for it for days! 

Day 240 - also known as Monday 27th August

As today was a Bank Holiday, Hubby & I went to a garden centre in Thornton to get some plants for our back garden; we got all these, plus some spring bulbs for £50 - bargain!

Day 239 - also known as Sunday 26th August

I bought a new handbag today, from Accessorize! It's soooo pretty :)

Day 238 - also known as Saturday 25th August

Yay, Hubby got back from Scout Camp today, so I treated him to dinner in Wetherspoons :) 
He had a Gourmet Burger and I had Veggie Chilli Con Carne - nom nom!

Day 237 - also known as Friday 24th August

Man, it's been a long week; I was so tired I spent my evening on the internet, chatting to my friend :)

Day 236 - also known as Thursday 23rd August

No, your eyes do not deceive you, the thermomitor in our car does read 18 degrees at 8:15 at night - I think the summer may have finally arrived!!

Day 235 - also known as Wednesday 22nd August

ROADTRIP: Mandeep and I were granted a day out of the office today, to meet with a client, who happened to be based in Ingoldmells near Skegness. We did what we needed to do with the client and then got a cone of chips and wandered down to the beach, took a few snaps and then headed back to the car, via the ice cream van - it was a good way to spend the day!

Day 234 - also known as Tuesday 21st August

It absolutely PEED IT DOWN after work today; I was just about to get in the shower when the heavens opened, and boy did they open! It lashed it down for about 10 minutes, so I took a photo from my bathroom window :)

Day 233 - also known as Monday 20th August

An afternoon pick me up, courtesy of the Office Manager, who shared her daughter's birthday cake with us today :)

Day 232 - also known as Sunday 19th August

The farmer has finally started harvesting the rape seed crop growing in the fields near my parents' house. I'm so glad because it has gone from stinking to high heaven to being hard/prickly, scratching you as you walk by/through it! It does mean that autumn is on its way though - I love autumn, it's my favourite season!!

Day 231 - also known as Saturday 18th August

This is Hubby, all kitted out in his Scout uniform, ready for Scout Camp. He's off to Essex for the week with a bunch of kids and bigger kids (aka adults) to camp in a tent and sing songs around the camp fire :)

Day 230 - also known as Friday 17th August

I caught the bus into work today, but, at the moment (on November 21st), I can't, for the life of me, remember why. I'll find out and come back and edit this post so you can all rest easy, knowing why I caught the bus into work today!

EDIT: I've remembered - Hubby had the day off work to get ready for Scout Camp, which he goes on tomorrow, so, I booked the boiler service for between 8am and 10am today, knowing he was going to be off work and at home :)

Day 229 - also known as Thursday 16th August

I want to get into writing more, writing for myself and not for work, so I bought this notebook today and I'm gonna try and write as much as I can, as often as I can. Lucy & Mandeep also bought notebooks as their 'Doodle Journals', so it's a group effort to be more creative and inspired :)

Day 228 - also known as Wednesday 15th August

It was a miserable, rainy day in Leicester today :( I hate the rain - where is the summer?

Day 227 - also known as Tuesday 14th August

I caught up with my blog today - as you can tell from the date that I'm uploading this photo, I kinda slacked again :( I promise I'll try harder from today (November 21st not August 14th)